Speedometer for RBE Railway

Part Number – MKT-ERU-3

Power Supply Voltage

: 18V to 36V DC from RBE Railway Bus build in Battery.


: Less than 20 Watts

Speed  Dial

: 0 – 120 Km/h

Speed Measurement

Magnetic pick-up (RBE25 )


Speed Generator (RBE50 ,RBE30 )

MKT SPEED Transmitter Unit (MKT-TSU-1)

Recording System

Using  SD and Industrial grade  flash.

Resolution of Recording

Long-Term Memory can store  minimum


(180 Days travel at resolution of 20 seconds )


Short-Term Memory can store Data of minimum


 (72 Hours travel  at resolution of 1 second.)


128×64  Graphic Display OLED

Display parameters 

Time, Date, Distance, System status,  etc.

Temperature range

-5 degree C to +80 degree Centigrade

Data Entry Keyboard

Through 16  Key setting any parameter.

Wheel diameter setting

Adjustable through keypad 640mm – 1220mm.

Digital Input

5 Input of 24V DC

Digital Output

Customer requirement

Downloading of Recorded

Data can be download to using USB Thumb Drive.



Analysis Software

MEDHA MSW 918 Version 5.1 compatible ( USE MRT91 )